Friday, April 27, 2007

Burning the midnight oil...

Why am I up at 11:59pm? This is very unlike me. I'm tired, I've got a busy day planned tomorrow, and I'm EXTREMELY grumpy when I'm not rested. Why do that to yourself?

Life seems pretty good to me right now, cancer free and D chewing her squeaky toy in my ear (delighted that I'm not asleep by the way). How can you deny those liquid brown eyes? Excuse me while I throw the squeaky toy...

For any friends interested in using my laptop, I did not wipe the doggy slobber off my hands before I went back to typing!

So I've been exploring the blogosphere again this evening and had a little more luck. I found Kenny's Korner (obviously I was drawn to a fellow alliterator) and have added it to my RSS aggregator. Caustic humor, good drawings...

good god, she's got the hedgehog now!

...sly wit. I was amused and entertained so we'll see if it stays that way.

Little else went on at ol' EOL this afternoon. The HVAC was out so by about 2pm the building was a sauna. The guy didn't get there to repair it until about 20 minutes to closing because no one called him. Communication definitely got fouled up there somewhere. I can just see us having 200 people in the library for the Alexander McCall Smith event on Sunday with no'd be beautiful.

With this event on Sunday, I'll have to change the monthly display on Monday. I can't remember if I've got anything in the wings, but off the top of my head I thought I'd get a list of celebrities' favorite books and put those out. I've done mystery, exotic locales, food fiction, anything with the word "hot" in the title, "look what i found on the bottom shelf", and myriads of others. I remember a book published not too long ago, something like "books that changed lives" or something to that effect. Maybe I could come up with a little slip of some sort that would relate the celebrity choosing the title and why they chose it. I'll have to do a trial run and see how labor intensive it is. I've really had a lot more success with random choices for a display than with themed ones. It seems that once a patron has chosen from a themed display they don't want to come back to it again to get a book on the same topic where as with a random choice display the patron will come back again and again to see what's new.

I think I'll go with that, thanks for the help!

I'm off to bed now so I won't be a complete ogre tomorrow...hopefully ;-)


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Kenny P. said...

Hi Holley!
Thanks for saying nice things about my blog. I'll try to maintain the current level of quality.

I try, and usually succeed, to post every weekday, but the time I post has been erratic lately.

Good luck with your event tomorrow!