Monday, April 9, 2007

! ! ! Victory Dance ! ! !

I got in the class! I got in the class! I got in the class!

I personally thought this Hawaiian gentleman did a MUCH better victory dance than I ever could :) This means, to my great joy, that I will be outta here (here being, of course, the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa) the end of June and it won't be a moment too soon! I'm not walking either, just paying the $80 for my diploma and getting the H#@! out of Dodge. I don't know if I'll even come back to eat at a restaraunt in this town for a while. I did promise to not be so nasty about it so this is my last nasty post about U of A since I did make a promise.




Katie said...

Glad you:
a. got in the class
b. are getting out
june you say???
how sweet!

Anonymous said...

We must celebrate!

Anonymous said...

A trip to Chez Mimi?

Holley T said...

Chez Mimi could definitely happen...although I do want to check with Brother D to see if they are going anywhere...I haven't been anywhere with S and C in 4 years!!!