Monday, July 16, 2007

cruisin' along

with the end of school, and I admit it freely, I find myself retreating (much like a turtle) into hermitry (that's correct, I looked it up). My recent flood of petsitting jobs only exacerbates the issue. I spend large amounts of my time with emotionally undemanding (relative to humans anyway) companions who don't require me to talk. I can sit and read, watch tv (always a treat...Mike Rowe *puuuuurrrrrrr*), or wander around the internet at will. No phone calls (mostly), no visitors, blessed isolation. Katie will get on to me later, we've had "talks" about my tendencies towards introvertedness (I didn't look that up). I don't suppose my therapist would have anything supportive to say about the habit either. He's always getting on to me, well that's too strong a word, encouraging me to get out more and make new friends. If Melissa (or one of my other friends) drags me somewhere and I find myself in a group of strangers I can usually cull some out of the herd to hang out with, but getting into the group is the hard part. I don't easily mingle with new people, tending very much towards the wall or any other outermost fringe I can grip for the ledge that it is and wait for it to occur to someone that "Hey, that girl over there looks like she can hold her own in a conversation, maybe even tell a joke or two. Let's go talk to her!" My heart says it will happen but my brain knows differently but that damn wall has its own magnetic field and once I get sucked into it, it is impossible to break free!

That being said, the Art on the Rocks for August (maybe September? I'll definitely have to check...I'd hate to reinact that scene from Legally Blonde, only in a toga instead of the bunny) is gearing up for the Pompeii exhibit coming in October and all attendees who come dressed in a toga will be entered into a drawing for a Vespa! I am so going to get my fat @$$ in a toga...the Vespa will be MINE...

night ya'll


Katie said...

oh, yeah ... toga night at the museum is ON baybee.

Ms. Hubbard said...

I am told the same thing about getting out and making new friends the problem with that though is you have to tolerate more stupid people along the way.

Erica said...

i go through alternating phases of not wanting to leave the house and wishing i could live in a cave somewhere all alone, and then wanting to hang out with people and do stuff. so i understand where you're coming from :) my therapist (when i was still going to him) encouraged me constantly to stop worrying about what other people think, and just go for it, whatever "it" is. easier said than done, most of the time.