Saturday, July 21, 2007

Potter-palooza, hour 9 of 15

The kiddos have now had Deathly Hallows for about an hour. Of the 15 we have, half are reading but the other half is still very much riding the sugar wave we've put them on. They've got laser pointers and are busy trying to blind each other. S has gone so far as to have a shirt over his face AND run about with the laser's not like it's a pair of scissors so let the boy run, I say! The half that are reading are getting kinda pissed at the ones who are being loud and boisterous. T and I are ready to crash, but cannot quite figure out how we will ride herd on the wild ones and sleep at the same time. It's a mystery indeed, but one I am too tired to figure out right this minute. I'm just praying for 8am when all of our little charges will be whisked away in the parental carriage and I can grab a 20-30 min nap before the drive to the coast.
mornin' ya'll!

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