Friday, July 27, 2007

penultimate day at the beach :(

Here we all are, trying to decide what to do on our last day at the we head down to the sand, hit the town a few last times, eat more raw oysters (the count sits at 12 dozen for the trip so far), go shopping one last time??? The sun is not out strongly (possible showers?) yet so the beach is a definite possibility but last night's family beach-at-sunset walk revealed that the shore was awash with snails of some kind as well as beached jellies. They were fuschia-purplish and a little bigger than golfball-sized. I don't want to be swimming around with jellies and snails...bleck!

I've just heard that we are heading to the beach for the rest of the's hoping that the little pests are gone so we can swim a little!

mornin' ya'll!

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