Wednesday, July 25, 2007

wesley-baker central

the highlights of the trip so far:
  • due to my penchant for car sickness, I drove my own car down here and Shelby rode with me (and kept me awake after the Potter-palooza!). We made movies on the digital camera during which time I learned about the dastardly troll doll epidemic where they squirt ginger ale out of their eyes, turning their victims into ketchup packets....a fate worse than death indeed...
  • Conner lost his first tooth, I got a great photo of him holding it up triumphantly with blood running down his chin all the while....classic.
  • We played Go Fish and when Conner's turn came around he asked me, "Aunt Holley, do you have any K's?" he is such a cutie patootie
  • We made an alligator sand sculpture but it swam out with the tide....
  • the first day on the beach, there where strange little slugs all over the beach which Conner delighted in throwing on me.
  • I've read two books and am half-way through the 3rd
  • my brother turned 43
  • my brother and I have eaten 6 dozen raw oysters up to this point (which, hopefully, more to follow
  • a massive 4 hour Phase 10 game took place last night in which I got my @$$ spanked like a rented mule...Rachel "Big Fish" Baker took the prize!
  • my poor legs are crispy critters right now...that'll teach me not to neglect them with the sun block



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Katie said...

You have SeRiOuSlY crammed a lot of beach livin' in just a few days!