Tuesday, July 24, 2007

greetings from the beach

we are all finishing breakfast and greasing up for a day in the sand...the sun is shining fiercly despite early morning showers. There is alot of icky seaweed in the ocean but I have persevered and gotten in anyway...lots of bathing suit washes have been in order :)

Getting hassled about bringing my laptop on vacation but how else am I supposed to support my raging blog habit :) I'll share more funnies later :)

mornin' ya'll


Anonymous said...

Have a great time for me, too!

Anonymous said...

I voted on your poll, but it didn't take it. Maybe will post later. I love Zsadist, too; but, you gotta love Rhage's beasty..

Katie said...

I'm stalking your blog (oh, and I'm in ur computer stealing ur dataz)

Erica said...

ooh love the poll! i voted for V, but i also sort of lean towards phury. but you didn't include rehvenge! i can't wait for his book too, he is vair vair intriguing :)

i'm joining you in beach-heaven tomorrow, as i'm going to destin with my mom! hooray for vacations!

keep having fun!