Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OOTP Madness ! ! !

Yours truly will be a chaperone for tomorrow's library-sponsored trip to the movies for our library's Teen Advisory Board. I'll have to clean out the little Kia and be on my best behavior :) Imagine it...me, a chaperone *bwahahahaha*

I would be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn't ├╝ber-excited about getting to see Order of the Phoenix the day (not counting sneakpeaks) that it comes out! ...and let's not forget movie popcorn either! Since I'm all caught up on the movies, I'll be ready for the adventure tomorrow!

In other news, my friend Audrey should be a new mom sometime tonight or early tomorrow! It'll be her first child and everyone is very excited about the new little girl on the way. It'll be her first child, so congratulations in advance A!

I had another celebratory dinner with some friends during my dinner hour tonight. We had blue corn nachos and raucous conversation. It would have been perfect if not for the fact that I had to come back to work. We close at 9pm and that just seems so far away now! Especially since I've been at work since 9am this morning. It's unusual to have to pull a 12 hour shift at the library, but not unheard of. The annual Harry Potter night will sometimes warrant it AND we are doing another lockin this year...the Potter-palooza!....on July 20th. Our top 15 points-earners for the Summer Reading Program get invited and we will entertain them until midnight when they get a free copy of Deathly Hallows. Some read, some sleep, some do a little of both. Personally, I slept but I did have to work the next day so I just got up, washed my hair in the sink, got dressed and slogged through the rest of the day.

I don't anticipate that it will be quite that bad this time. I'm off on Friday so I can sleep in and maybe get a nap in somewhere too. We plan to have some hide-and-go-seek action going on and I desperately want to make a better showing than last year. They didn't even look anywhere!....just walked over to where katie and I were hiding and giggled at us! I was horrified! I used to be so good at it when I was younger! I shamefully admit that I've already been scoping out some possibilities in our department...I CANNOT be shamed so again (though I more than likely will *sniff, sniff*) As a last ditch effort to hold them off until midnight, instead of just handing them out, I took about 30 minutes to hide all the copies throughout the library and they all had to find them. One young man had a mild asthma attack, but he didn't tell us about it until the next morning so I don't count that as a problem. We have to have dealt with the crisis in situ for it to count :)

So, I'm officially declaring that this will be a problem free lock-in!

Good night!


Erica said...

oops, just saw when you're going to OOTP! that will be SO MUCH FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

The other 'T' tells me they're showing OOTP at the IMAX at midnight (already sold out alas)

Holley T said...

I tried to get in on the trip to IMAX this evening with some of the other ladies here but I got the email too late and it was already sold out. One of our teens called last night to say he'd won tickets to the 8pm IMAX sneakpeek last night but he's still going with us today...he's under a strict no-spoiler claus which I reiterated (sp?) for him last night under pain of death!