Thursday, October 18, 2007


So, after 2 weeks of petsitting for various people, I finally arrive home last night around 8:30pm. I take in the mail and my purse, go unload everything (read: all my crap) out of the car onto the front porch only to discover that I have locked myself out of the F-ing house....

I tried all the windows and the back door, thinking maybe just maybe they might have somehow been left unsecured....uhhhhhh, no. No cell phone reception out in the boondocks as I am, so I just sat on the porch with all my crap and enjoyed the night noises. Cicadas, crickets, a few late-staying little frogs and toads in the (v. v. dry) stream next to the house, wind blowing in the drying leaves...I wasn't creeped out and was quite enjoying myself until I heard the first low growl come out of the dark trees. I had just been about to find a dark corner of the yard for nature's call when I heard this other noise and it was the D*%M dogs from next door. Now I had to pee AND I was pissed off, how ironic.....these dogs harass us ALL the time! As soon as payday rolls around again I'm getting a BB gun as I don't want to maim, merely scared half to death and hurt enough to make an impression on. Did I mention they've been crapping all over my yard? If I wanted dog crap all over my yard, I'd get my own dog.

Anyway, I happened to find a spare car key in my laptop case so packed all the crap BACK in the car, left a note for Roomie asking her to call me on my cell when she got home (which ended up being around 10pm) and left for Dad's so I could go to the bathroom in peace.

After getting home, unloading the car AGAIN, unpacking and getting ready for bed it was around 11:30-midnight so I'm zombie-fied today. I had planned on turning in early so I could get up and on the recumbent bike this morning but no such luck. So I'm planning on it tomorrow instead. I have GOT TO lose some weight before I become a statistic, plus I've got the PLA trip in March to Minneapolis to plan for. I'm calling my effort, Minimize by Minneapolis, what do you think?

Gotta run to teach comp class!

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