Friday, October 12, 2007

little office of horrors

This is my office. Here you can see my sago palm, my purple shamrock, a hen and chick succulent on the corner of my desk and a really nice fake orchid. Just over the orchid leaves you can see the barbed wire of the city jail exercise yard :-D
Oh yeah, the picture frame holds some drawings that one of my fav teens, A, drew! Silly girl, she didn't believe me when I told her I was going to frame them. Notice that the point of this post, the sago palm, is a nice small cute little desk plant.....for now!!! BWAHAAHA!

Here, the spawn of sago is on the rise. Hey, check out my obnoxious diploma frame on the wall!
Anyway, this frond/spear grew overnight! *psycho shower scene music*
Here's the sago spire from another angle, plus my ΓΌber-messy desk. On the wall hangs the perfect tool for every task, a round tooit. How often have I not been able to get something done becuase I haven't gotten a round tooit......

These little leaves look more like fern fiddleheads than what they are supposed to become.
Now the spire has unfurled and is 3 feet tall! You can see how much bigger than the other fronds the newbie has grown. KT says she always feels like its going to drag her off when she walks past the door.
So that's my office garden for you. Healthy, verdant, possibly evil???

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