Monday, October 1, 2007

this just in ! ! !

Patron: I'm looking for a book and I don't know the author. Can you help me find it?

Me: Sure, what is the title?

Patron: I don't know, but it has four words and one of them is "kindness"

Me: ........

Me: .........

Me: Do you know anything about what the book is about?

Patron: No

Me: Is it a recently published book?

Patron: It's new-er....

After a lengthy keyword search limited to books published since 2000, we managed to whittle it down to Christopher Bohjalian (how the hell do you pronounce that!?), Before You Know Kindness. We're reasonably sure that's the one.


Patron: Do you have any Advil or Ibuprofen?

Me: I think so, let me go check.

Me (with Advil bottle): Here you go!

Patron: Yeah, I got a papercut on the way over here and didn't have anything in my purse and I told my daughter, "They get alot of papercuts at the library, I bet they'll have something!"

Me: Yep, headaches and papercuts...we got em! (my sarcasm went, thankfully for my smart mouth, unnoticed...)

I say, with the utmost seriousness and sincerity, that I have never gotten a papercut that required medication on my part. I wish now that I'd have asked to see this gaping wound.

Afternoon ya'll!



Erica said...

your liberry skillz are truly impressive :)

and that must have been some papercut....

Ms. Hubbard said...

Wow that is as good as the book with a blue cover. A paper cut!?!?!? That wimp I nearly cut my finger off and did not have any pain killer till they started stitching my hand. I loved the sarcasm wonderful.

Holley T said...

at least she had the one word, "kindness" instead of "a" "an" or "the".

That would have been impossible!