Friday, October 12, 2007

friday ramblins

this blog post comes to you next-day air :)
Once again I sit here with my trusty laptop sans internet connection, trying desperately to refine what I want to say down into something readable. The main problem is that there are no groundbreaking, interesting things to report so I guess it will be yet another ramblin’ Holley original ;-D

I took some vacation from work 10/4, 5, 8, 9 and 10. I did work the weekend but it was with Carrie so a good time was had by all. On 10/4 I did nothing, capital N capital O capital T-H-I-N-G and, like Peter Gibbons, it was everything I thought it could be. I did have a short petsitting stint until the 8th, which you already know about i.e. Tucker, Cole and their cousin Olivia. 10/5 found my little momacita, my Aunt Cathy and I on the road to Springville, Alabama for the Homestead Hollow Fall Harvest Festival. The weather was cool; the sun hiding behind the clouds and a light breeze spread campfire smoke through the trees. The live music I’d expected was not in evidence but they were piping something appropriate through the ground’s speakers. There were a few people in pioneer-type garb, but not as many as advertising would lead you to expect. The special part of the day came when we found the little shack with pinto beans, butter beans and greens bubbling in their own cast iron pots out back….perfectly seasoned, ideal texture and reasonably priced...all you can really ask of outdoor event food and definitely more than I expected :-D I bought some earrings (my personal financial downfall) and a rolling pin (I needed one recently and only then discovered that I didn’t have one). It was a really great day so I was glad I could talk my mom and aunt into going.

As I said, Sat and Sun found me back at the library where Carrie and I had a great weekend considering we were at work….and I got her started on her new blogging life! Hopefully she’ll enjoy it like the rest of us do and keep at it. One of the funny things that happened was naturally a phone call. Just before closing on Sat this man calls, real nasally voice:
Man—Ah yes, I was there earlier today and returned some items in the drop. That is to say, I put some books in the book drop at the back of the building…the one you pull up to in your car.
Me—um, yes. (what I wanted to say, “I’ve only worked here 7 years. I’m afraid I’m unfamiliar with the term ‘book drop.’ Do you think you could try to convey that with an interpretive dance?) Luckily for me, I could harness that impulse.
Man—At that time, I believe I returned some personal items. What I mean by that is I returned some books that belonged to me personally that should not have been returned to the library.
Me—um, yes. (I really didn’t know quite what to say to this gentleman. Everything that immediately came to mind would have gotten me fired…that is to say, I would have been dismissed for my smartass mouth.)

For the rest of the weekend and everywhere I can insert it into the conversation, I follow up statements with “that is to say” or “what I mean by that is”. Everyone is suitably annoyed.

Monday was another slow day of vacay. The director of my library, Ms. M, had asked KT and I to accompany her to her Rotary meeting as the director of the Birmingham Museum of Art was going to be giving a presentation about the upcoming Pompeii exhibit and she thought we should see it. KT had a kindergartener with a stomach virus so I was on my own at the Rotary meeting. I didn’t realize that guests got introduced and barely had time to swallow my lunch before I had to stand and wave. Ms. M then told all those people about the website I put together for the Pompeii exhibit and I thought I’d suffocate with all those people I didn’t know staring at me but I’m here typing so obviously I survived….maybe even felt a little pride? I got an email from the museum librarian today saying how much she liked the website…that gave me another little thrill of victory too :-)

Tuesday was a pretty big day as well. The person I’m petsitting for now, the pets are Rudder and Topper, is one of the library’s regular patrons and one of my good friends, Mrs. VH. She’s also a docent at the Birmingham Museum of Art and had planned on giving a presentation about the exhibit at the library’s book group meeting Tues morning. Instead she and her husband sailed off to Chattanooga, TN, and left me in charge of the dog & cat as well as in charge of giving the presentation. It was fun and all the ladies seemed to enjoy it as well. The book group selection for October was Robert Harris’ Pompeii and I thought it was a pretty good read too. After I finished the presentation, my little momacita and I had lunch together then struck out for the Anniston Museum of Natural History to see the T. rex Sue, on loan from the Field Museum in Chicago….that is one impressive monster! Can you imagine starring that in the face, nothing to protect you but a loincloth and a spear???? EEEEEK! Their other exhibits were also very impressive. They had some Egyptian items and what seemed like a cross-section of the entire African savannah. The bird exhibits were some of the best I’d ever seen. Although, I will say that there is something incredibly creepy about all those blank stares. I can just imagine all sorts of arcane things going on after hours when the lights go off and all the humans leave for the day….BWAHAHAHAHAH!

Unfortunately, little momacita had to go back to work on Wed but I did not. I had the works: obscenely expensive haircut (I only get 1, maybe 2 a year so I splurge), got my eyebrows waxed (thanks for the unibrow, Dad!), got my mani and pedi for the month and had dinner with a friend. It was a great week all in all.

The upcoming weekend holds a first for me. I will attend a very swank cocktail party at the Birmingham Museum of Art. I joined their Junior Patrons group and they are having a Preview Gala Saturday night. So I found some evening wear (always such a pleasant task in plus sizes), some strappy yet comfortable shoes and am now just trying to keep my courage up. I’ve already bought the ticket so it would be harder for me chicken out. We’ll see I guess.

Okay, the babbling has come to an end. You may relax :-D


Erica said...

good luck at the party! you'll have a marvelous time, i'm sure :)
this reminds me that i need to update my blog too...

Holley T said...

wow, what a powerful comment E! You've managed to say "yaaay!" and "shame on you for not posting more" all in the same sentence, relatively speaking.