Monday, October 22, 2007

a case of the mondays

I did get up early again today for another 30 min spin on the recumbent bike, the only difference from Fri being my movie selection, Monster House. I just love this little animated flick and you should to, especially with the big day coming up next week.

I got all the new photos on my camera loaded to a CD and cleared the camera's memory card as Katie said I could not continue to hoard 500 photos at all times and continuously have to transfer the whole lot each time I wanted the last few. It hurt my feelings but I got it done ripping off a bandaid. All of this to say that there'll be photos up soon from my mom's and my trip to the Anniston Museum of Natural History to see Sue the T. rex.



Hewy Nosleep said...

How was the Anniston trip to see the dinosaur?

Holley T said...

v. v. cool...they don't have a particularly impressive setting for Sue, just the skeleton by itself in a carpeted room. Nothing on the walls, blah carpet. I think they should have created a jungle environment...maybe with a carcass at her feet of some other kind of dino. It was still v. impressive, but it could have been more so if they'd added some atmosphere. Their regular exhibit is the most impressive part for me! Wait til I get the pics up!