Thursday, October 4, 2007

demon barbar of fleet street

this movie looks gr8! The accent is a little too Jack Sparrow for me, but I don't think I'll have any trouble getting over it! Plus with Alan Rickman, (I think) the chick who played (and still looks like) Bellatrix LeStrange, and Sasha Cohen....I'm going :)

Here's the Cinematical post, click through to get to the new trailer!


Jeff Stankard, Group Publisher said...

Excellent musical! It was on Broadway and I think in the London theaters for years. Tim Burton and (Girlfriend) Helena Bonham Carter will do a GR8 job with it I'm sure. Angela Lansbury played the role on stage and was awesome. Is it coming out for Christmas?

Holley T said...

December 21st is the scheduled release date. I've never seen a Broadway musical in person, or any other kind for that matter. I have seen CATS on VHS...and The Sound of Music is on of my fav movies but I don't believe those quite count towards seeing the real thing :)

We are getting Phantom of the Opera here for a few showings and I'm thinking about going if I can make myself get on the ball and buy tickets. I tried to watch the video and dropped out 20 minutes in but I've been told by several people that it's best seen on stage. Who knows?