Saturday, October 13, 2007

scintillating saturday scuttlebutt

of which there is none...sorry to get your hopes up! Yesterday when I got back to Rudder's house, Topper had left yet another "present" for me at the back door. If anyone else has ever been the recipient of a "present" from a feline, then you know it involved a piece of plastic and a mighty sling into the woods. All I can say is at least this little guy was all in one piece; I didn't have to make multiple trips or scoop up entrails. Ah, the life of a pet sitter.

I had my first session reading to Mrs. D this morning. She has macular degeneration and the beginnings of demensia (according to she and her husband). I am now up on the week's news in local politics and New York theater. I feel a bit smarter and more cultured today than I did yesterday.

Why am I at my place of work on my day off, posting on my blog you may ask? I forgot my ticket to the cocktail party tonight, left it on the printer Thursday and just now realized it. My subconscious no doubt trying to find a way out of this mess. But I am going! I got a dress and little strappy sandals and a haircut, I have no choice but to go. Later on I've got to find somewhere to get a quick fix on the hair as I do not own any hair products with which to do it myself. When I got the haircut, M said to just put it on some rollers and finger comb it and I confessed that I didn't own any rollers. She told me to just get a cheap set from W-Mrt and I didn't have the heart (read: was too embarrassed) to tell her that I wouldn't know what to do with them if I had them. I've had too much going on in the past decade to deign to learn how to arrange my hair! It's hair for crying out loud! I'd rather sleep later and let the little buggar's dry on the way to work. Isn't that why you have windows in the car anyway?
unstylish and somewhat proud/sometimes shameful,


Katie said...

you must provide pictures and a sordid description of your evening.

Ms. Hubbard said...

I would like pictures also. Yes that is why manufacturers placed windows in cars for hair drying purposes.